Safety at Detroit Industrial Well

At the Detroit Industrial Well facility, keeping our community and our workers safe is the most important thing we do. Safety is the first priority throughout our operation, from the entrance to the facility to the base of the injection well.

How We Protect the Community

  • Protects Groundwater – The Detroit Industrial Well monitors groundwater at 5 groundwater monitoring points and utilizes lab analysis technology to verify that our groundwater and surface water are protected.

  • Protects the Air – The Detroit Industrial Well takes several steps to remain compliant with our air permit and control the potential for off-site odor. All material receiving areas and treatment processes are conducted inside a closed facility, and all storage and process tanks have sealed lids.

  • Screened for Radiation – The Detroit Industrial Well screens every load of waste for potential nuclear radiation with an industrial RadComm Radiation Detection System. This ensures that every load that enters the site is free from potential radioactive waste.

  • Inspected Regularly – The Detroit Industrial Well is inspected quarterly by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), who transmits inspection reports to the EPA.

  • Overseen Continuously – We use sophisticated data management software that allows operators to monitor facility systems right from their smart phones. This ensures that our personnel are informed about our infrastructure operation 24-hours a day.

  • Proven Technology – More than 600 Class I injection wells are permitted in the U.S. The Detroit Industrial Well is a safe and environmentally responsible technology. Designed with multiple concrete and steel barrier casings, the facility is constantly monitored and regularly inspected and maintained.